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Healing Work Can Trigger Perfectionism

I’m triggered.

Sometimes in my education around relationships or mindfulness I can see where I ‘went wrong’ in a relationship. Or maybe I torture myself over what I wish I knew then and lament, “if only I didn’t freeze in the moment and remembered my tools!”

But handling every or any situation perfectly is really not the goal.

I also see folks ceaselessly searching. Attending every workshop. Hoping that somewhere under the next rock they overturn there will be a fix. And the learning just keeps showing them how much more perfect they could be. They feel shame about the quirks they still hold rather than see the magic in their uniqueness.

My work is not about stuffing your head with more theories or fixing anything at all.

Instead, I hold space for your becoming. For your remembering. I offer the gift of my gaze and the warmth of my authentic affection as you grow in your expression of intimacy.

We grow in relationship together whether that means practicing hard conversations or having actual hard conversations about our connection. This is what I mean when I say experiential and it’s also something that takes time and spaciousness.

Gentle blessings from a gentle girl 🥰

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