Going with the flow is not the favor you think it is.

You want to be a classy dude. A feminist. You want to respect her space and to never "assume" anything physical or romantic will happen.

You want to be a cool girl and wait for him to decide what the next step is--whether it's a kiss, a date, or defining the relationship.

But in dating scenarios when one or more people doesn't have a plan, boundaries, or clear expectations...things get confusing and potentially dangerous.

I love the energy of wanting to approach a romantic encounter with caution and an open mind.

But I'd like to challenge you to keep an ongoing dialog with yourself (and others when it's appropriate) of what YOU are available for in this moment.

👍🏽Are you available for casual sex on a date?

👍🏽Are you available for deep, intimate convos?

👍🏽Are you available to go on three dates, then start spending every night at each other's houses?

Be clear with yourself and then act accordingly!

You can always change your mind later, especially if you have an open channel of communication.

Clear is safe and safe is sexy. You want people to be putty in your embrace?

Let me teach you how to embrace clarity.


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