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Fluidity as Philosophy...The Ethos of Indelicate

Good luck trying to get me to make you feel wrong about something because I mostly believe that right and wrong are simply not a thing. (Of course, some choices are kinder than others.)

Instead, I teach integrity, which means doing your best to maintain your values, boundaries, and desires while building connection and holding respect for the sovereignty of others.

My goal is to help you and your loves identify what is most important to you and to normalize the complexity of relationships—and the human experience in general.

If you are in the midst of a rift or an uplevel in your relationship, this might mean revisiting some painful moments or old loops that you sometimes get stuck in, but it does not have to mean shame or punishment.

In my Somatic Intimacy Training sessions, we normalize discomfort and balance it with pleasure and celebration to mirror what real-life, constructive conflict can feel like. (And resolve a ton of Sh*t as we go.)


On a grander scale, our ability to hold more than one truth and to not shy away from different perspectives and lifestyles is an indicator of how secure we are in ourselves.

Tolerance for…

…Difference makes relationships possible

…Conflict makes our connections more solid

…Competing ideas forms deeper thought

…Unfamiliar sensations expands our horizons

…Queerness makes us love ourselves and our neighbors more

What do I mean by queerness?

Queerness as in grace under fire

Queerness as in the part in us that diverges, yes you

Queerness as in rising above prescribed identity

Queerness as in changemakers, breaking cycles

Queerness as in going against the grain

Queerness as in trusting your intuition

Queerness as in rejecting stigma

Queerness as in gay, trans, poly, kinky, demi, ace

Queerness as in your neighbor who passes as 'normal'

Queerness as in commitment to a higher purpose

Queerness as in art that pushes our limits

Queerness as in collaboration in individualist culture

Queerness as in collective transformation

Love is bigger than us and Indelicate Coaching is for those who are ready to Love Like No Other. Join me.

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