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Feeling your resistance is the answer, hun.

Updated: May 21

What if the frustration, relationship anxiety, disappointment, ick, trigger, shut down, blah....

Is not a setback in your healing or relationship, but the catalyst that lands you exactly where and WHO you want to be?

The thing you think is a bad sign, the end of the road, or maybe even a red flag…🚩

…could be the very thing that launches 🚀 you to where you’re trying to go in your nervous system and trauma healing, into romantic relationships with fewer triggers and insecurities, and a life full of pleasure where you can ride the wave of any emotion with skill and grace. (MmmmmmHmmmm)

Surprise! 🎉

Feeling the tension is the key!

I’m not here to argue with your shame, resistance, funk, ick, shut down, panic, or perfectionism.

I’m here to teach you how to work WITH that inevitable discomfort so you know how to easefully:

❤️‍🔥go from confused to clear

❤️‍🔥turn a trigger into confidence

❤️‍🔥transform a fight into a sxy night out

❤️‍🔥shift crabby mornings into joyful family days

You can shift big feelings into big breakthroughs any time you like! Follow for more or book a session so I can show you how I do this in my own life everyday. 😘

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