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'Effortless' love is on the other side of a skill level and open heart that you don't yet have.

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

This is for the guy having a tantrum in my virtual office saying…

“She should just know! I shouldn’t have to tell her!”

…it’s also for the pouty princess saying, “he’s not even trying! I spend all of my time thinking about him. Where is his head at!”

What you want is for love to mean ‘easy’. “We love each other and we’re ‘right’ for each other so shouldn’t it just be easy!!?”

I used to say, “it doesn’t work like that. No one can read your mind. It’s not their job to just know exactly what you want and give it to you on a platter.”

And that’s all true…HOWEVER…

If what you want is MORE than basic, friendly, safe…

Then OK, yes. YES. The secret is out! It’s possible! There is a next-level, magic kind of love that feels almost effortless….on the other side of some serious skill building, reconditioning, and humble soul-cracking vulnerability.


You still there?

OK good.

Because here’s the thing. If you want it you can have it.

I don’t disagree with other experts that say, “love doesn’t work like that.”

I just think they either don’t know or they’re stopping short of telling the whole truth which is that there’s more there and it’s better than just ‘str

ucture’ and ‘boundaries’, and ‘I statements’ (blah blah blah).

There’s passion. There’s heat. There’s soul-level depth. There’s that gazing up at the stars kinda peace.

That’s the kind of love I teach and that’s what we do all of that embodiment and nervous system healing for.

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