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Bratty Kid Behavior and How to Deal (whether it’s your actual kids or an inner child…)

Take it from a somatic intimacy coach who meets the inner children of all of my sweet, perfectionist, hardworking, magical clients every day….that difficult trait you're wrestling with is actually a strength trying to squeeze through your conditioning.

Whether you’re nurturing your inner child or have the gift of witnessing this in real time with your actual offspring, remember that it’s not your job to suppress or get into power struggles with challenging feelings and traits.

It’s your job to love it so tenderly and so fiercely that it can come out of the shadow (pain in the butt territory) and into the light.

That finicky, critical, bossy, whiny, tantrumy business has something to show us and when we listen and give it better tools it is likely to add so much to your life and the world.

Of course all parents get to blow off steam from time to time and acknowledge how tough their kids can be, but if you’re willing to drop the ego, social pressure, and power struggles the *tough* stuff might actually get a little easier.

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