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Becoming a Magnetic Man

Any one else desperately wish for more smooth, witty flirting?

A lot of my masculine clients apologize to me for their energy. Or they seem to miss my invitations to play.

So do a lot of my dates.

And it just…..extinguishes the whole vibe.

The stopping and the starting. The worrying, the handwringing.

We absolutely need to check in with each other and be sure that we’re always in consent, but there is a loving, sexy, heart-centered way to do this.

To be in play. To be in your erotic energy.

It’s honestly such a treat when I invite my clients to drop into their grounded erotic energy...

When they drop from their head down to their root. Where they connect with the sacred magnetism of their c*ck.

I can instantly see the change in them. I also feel their strength in my body. I feel safe in their confident aura.

And my own erotic energy gets to flourish…to come out to play too. A moment I live for.

I’m looking to work with more men who want to feel their own erotic energy pulsing through their mind, body, and soul.

When you’re tapped into this energy, you are unstoppable and it will nourish every aspect of your life.

Set up an intro session to see if you’re a candidate for my deepest container yet. The kind of luscious journey that has a 3-month minimum that will allow us to truly unlock and unleash your power and to grow close as partners and collaborators.

I’ll see you soon xoxox 😘

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