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Are Men callous, cold, indifferent, lazy....

Updated: May 15, 2022

Are Men callous, cold, indifferent, lazy?

Or are they:

💔 Used to getting shot down

💔 Terrified of disappointing people

💔 Paralyzed by perfectionism

💔 Lacking tools to communicate

I’m not talking about mean and rude men.

I’m talking sweet men who feel like they can’t get it right so they clam up, don’t let you close, avoid taking risks, and repeat a lot of the same mistakes.

I’m not suggesting you try to fix these men, but I do hope we can have more compassion for the tricks society has played on all of us.

And MEN, if this is you…it doesn’t have to be.

Sign up for an intro session and start having better relationships asap.

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