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Am I Difficult Or Am I Courageous Enough to State My Needs?

Normalize having desires…

and actually making them known!

I get pretty emotional in the part of my workshop where I ask you to imagine how it feels to say “no” or ask for something different.

I get emotional because I KNOW this scares you.

Because I KNOW you’re worried that you’ll be too much…that you’ll rock the boat.

That you’ll be unlovable.

But, you know what gives me courage to speak up for myself?

Knowing all of the above.

Because I want to normalize pushing back. Whether lovingly, or occasionally, firmly.

Because I KNOW other women (and sensitive folks) are often not doing this.

I like to believe that every time I enter into the territory of being ‘difficult’ that I’ve made the space for someone else to do the same.

I’m offering insight on all of this and more in my self-paced workshop: Unlocking Pleasure.

There’s a heavy emphasis on learning and speaking up for your own needs, teaching your partners, receiving feedback from others, and—of course—boundaries and consent.

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