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Your Sexuality is For You

You’re feeling light and alive in your body…you’re glowing even…

The sun is filling you with it’s warmth and a gentle breeze is tickling your skin…

You smile just a little bit to yourself and feel a sweet rush of arousal fill you up as you walk along…

Your hand travels softly up your arm as your fingers make their way to your mouth where you let them slowly trace the outline of your lips…

You take a full, sweet breath in through your nose and feel the air flow into your chest, your belly, and it just keeps moving lower, filling you with more erotic energy and light…

You feel gorgeous. Alive. Unstoppable. There’s an undeniable skip to your step.

Are you alone?

Can anyone see you?

Maybe some people walk by…are they close? Do they notice that you’re on fire, radiant?

How does that make you feel?

Shy? Obligated?

Do you maybe think about your partner and try your best to shut off the flow of all of that sexy energy.


Your sexual energy is your life force energy. It’s creativity and it’s like an extension of being fully alive in your body….your soul shining it’s brightest.

Why then should we ever mute it?

Truthfully, you can bring your erotic energy with you anywhere you go in the world.

There’s a difference between full, shameless, magnetic expression and leaky, unwelcome sexuality.

Do you know the difference?

Let’s find out together. I work with people all around the world but am based in Seattle for those who are curious about in-person work. 💜

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