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What Is A 1:1 Session Like? What Can I Expect?

What happens in a session?

***Please note that all sessions are fully clothed and that we will not have intercourse.***

In sessions, I will ask you questions to understand your sexual and relationship history, offer radical empathy and understanding, guide you through breathing and visualization exercises, and occasionally lead you through movement and role play.

We will hold meaningful eye contact, offer authentic praise and encouragement, express our desires, exchange erotic energy, share appreciation, process disappointment, and actively work to build and repair our relationship as needed. We will laugh a lot and perhaps cry a little. In summary, you will learn to better relate to others by relating with me. How is this different from therapy?

We will do lots of talking, but less storytelling and venting than you might do in therapy. Healing happens in the body and the nervous system. Storytelling keeps you in your head. If simply thinking about our problems could heal us, we'd all be fixed by now. We will connect on an intimate, warm, and authentic human level. The boundaries of this practice are different and better suited to healing relationship dynamics because it is more personal than traditional talk therapy. You will improve your relationships and enhance your capacity for pleasure by finding safety in your body, learning how your body communicates to your mind, and growing more awareness and depth. You might also find that you are less anxious and stressed in your day-to-day life.

What does experiential mean?

Experiential means that I am not merely a bystander or critic. I will bring my own energy to our sessions and tell you when I feel turned on, empowered, or inspired by you. I will also let you know when you've approached my boundaries and where I need to slow down or make adjustments.

Do we ever meet in person?

Almost all of my sessions are online and they are highly effective and fun that way. I occasionally arrange in-person sessions in the West Seattle area with established clients.

What Coaching Packages Do You Offer?

Take a peek at this Coaching page for a list of packages or browse the pages under the drop down menu above called '1:1 and Couples Coaching'. You will see that I work with both singles and partners and folks of any gender.

What if I feel scared to spend the money or get started?

Making an investment in yourself and your growth can feel really exciting and also overwhelming at the same time. You might be worried or experiencing doubt. That voice can be really loud sometimes. Ask it what it needs and take your time getting comfortable with the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone. You might never be all the way ready, but you're welcome to take a pause to listen to your body before committing.

Remember that something brought you here to me. Something that you've wanted for a long time. No matter what, this work will change you. You may not be able to see it now or maybe you're holding very tightly to a specific goal.

I can guarantee that you will grow and that you will level up. I am very skilled at balancing what you need and desire and helping you get after it in a safe and methodical way.

You might even discover some incredible bonuses as you become better at connection (for me, it was finally being able to relax more around my increased ability to have more fun and flirty conversations with strangers.... having a far better relationship with myself...and a much improved love life). I offer payment plans and also welcome you to share with me what is holding you back so I can help you or make different recommendation that is a better fit for you at this time.

Remember! My intro sessions are just $55 for a reason! I want you to try it out and get comfy with me before you commit.

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