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What Happens in a Session?

What happens in a session?


When stubborn blocks, doubts, and patterns emerge, I will guide you into a conversation with your sensations and conflicting or confusing feelings. In these moments we are likely to get messages from younger, frightened, or even wiser versions of you. We may uncover hidden memories. You might totally crack yourself up or get really inspired by a deep well of love or spirituality you didn't know was there. If that sounds hard to imagine, don't worry, I'm a great driver. All you have to do is be there. These moments are a bit like hypnosis except you get to stay fully conscious and participate! Getting this deep is easier than you might guess, but we will never force it.

This method can bring up a range of excitement, grief, euphoria, physical sensations of relief, and perhaps trauma. I will hold you through all of it and will land the spaceship as softly, and with as much good humor, as possible. The great news is that making contact with the conflict underneath your intellectual understanding of yourself can actually begin the process of eliminating a pattern or limiting belief. That's what transformative means, you will move the ball forward every time.


Stop standing outside the cottage. Your feet will get cold and you’re blocking my view. Come inside for cookies and quick trip through your subconscious so we can both relax. I promise I don’t bite at work.

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