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We Teach People How To Love Us...Make sure you're teaching the right things...

All your life you’ve been teaching people how to love you…and they are watching VERY closely.

They see the things that light you up…

They notice when when you’re stressed and get a little harder to reach…

They notice when YOU feel a shift in someone else and when you start to shut down or over function to protect yourself.

We can see it and feel it and we do our best to make sense of it and respond with care.

But maybe others don’t have the skills to perfectly attune to you or to respond in exactly the way you would like.

So when are you going to decide to start doing it on purpose?

Do you know how to teach people to love you? How to invite THEM to teach YOU how to love them?

I can help. Try an intro session or check out my workshop Unlocking Pleasure.

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