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The work that I do defies explanation.

The work that I do as an intimacy coach and HOW I do it defies explanation.

To attempt to reduce it down to a particular tool or method almost always feels like I’ve cheapened it.

It just falls flat.

Because the truth is that everything I do will be custom tailored to you…it’s a very personal kind of magic.

It will move. It will breathe.

I will feel you and you in turn will feel me and melt into the safety and the warmth of my presence.

What I do is inspire people to say,

“I’ve never been so honest with anyone before…”

“I’ve never been so intimate before…”

And it just happens.

I do not flip a switch that says, “OK, time to be intimate now.”

It’s simply the nature of the container that we create together.

And I LOVE it. I’ve never felt more authentic, more passionate about anything in my life—especially when I get to work with MEN.

The energy is just different. Buzzing, exhilarating, cozy. I just GET you. I can FEEL what you need through the screen and I will offer it up with loving intention. No holding back.

Men, if you want to know what I do, watch one of my videos and imagine sitting across from me. Now multiply that by the magic of real-time connection.

And if you REALLY want to know? Schedule an intro session.

Whatever it is, whatever challenge you’re having in relationship, love, flirting, dating, f*cking. We’re going to figure it out together and you’re going to get the chance to expand what you, your mind, and your nervous system are capable of.

Talk soon xoxoxox

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