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Surrendering to Pleasure and Emotion (and It's Triggers)

I pulled this video from my instagram stories the other night after getting swept away with feelings while making my workshop Unlocking Pleasure.

This stuff isn’t scripted.

For me, embodiment means creating a lot of space for magic to flow in.

I believe that simply by being in this space, you’re going to amplify the sensuality of your own life.

You’re upleveling just by being present.

I also believe that you will come up against the edges of your own comfort zone and will feel triggered by my ease of expression.

And why wouldn’t you? We’ve been told our whole lives to be small. To keep our wildest, softest parts to ourselves. To be quiet.

Then here I am, casually moaning and panting on screen as I talk.

So yes, you’ll be triggered. Maybe even tempted to giggle or look away.

But that’s the magic of self-paced. You can pause or take a break at any time or you can hang in there, just noticing what’s coming up fo you.

I’m excited for your journey and for you to jump through the portal to more pleasure and easeful embodiment.

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