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Soft Girl Summer: Being Gentle with Ourselves

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Today my Cancer rising and my broken heart scooped my sweet little Aries bum and said “take it easy, little one.”

I walked slow (for the first time ever) in my dusty garden shoes, hearing them lightly tap under me (tip tap) on the pavement. I felt the quiet reassurance of my womb, preparing to shed with Mama Luna—my only goal to feel the sunshine and the flow of outdoor air. 🌬

I stopped at a blackberry bush that is about to burst and let my palm gently rest under the tight green and red berries that haven’t yet plumped into their glorious, juicy bounty. Soon.

My body swayed at the top of the hill and surrendered to the hot sidewalk beneath me, choosing a seat where I could hear a neighbor singing “Let It Be” while she plucked invasive vines from her hedges (shouting “WOAH” when she’d find a big one). ✨

I know that I can trust this moment of slow healing and feel that I have everything that I need.

Today I release and prepare for what is next and soon I’ll be back to zooming around the neighborhood like the holy terror that I am. Rest first. 🌙

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