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Reason #1 Your Sex, Relationships, Pleasure Aren't Working?

You're Not Clear On What You Want

Has anyone ever asked you what you want and you just kind froze?

Maybe because nobody has ever asked you before…

And maybe because you’ve honestly never thought about it. This might be true for dating, but I’m guessing it’s especially true about sex.

What are your intimate needs?

If you’ve been following me here for a while you know I’m creating a self-paced workshop called UNLOCKING PLEASURE

This workshop has been growing in my mind for quite some time because—like many of us—there are so many things I didn’t know about myself or even know how to talk about until things stopped working.

This workshop will offer you a solid foundation for:

✨ exploring likes and desires SOLO or with a PARTNER

✨ a fresh look at safety and boundaries (so you can let MORE PLEASURE in, not less)

✨ unleashing your own sensuality

✨ delicious presence and daily embodiment

Then things heat up with:

✨ exercises for increased sensitivity (better pleasure and orgasm potential)

✨ lessons on pu$$y anatomy from a new, rarely considered perspective

✨and so much more!

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