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On being Goddess:

Embodying the archetype of the temple priestess, a channel of goddess energy, means that I live an intentionally expansive and pleasure-filled life so that I can exist in devotion.

I spend my days filling my cup so that when a sister comes knocking at dawn I can swing the temple doors open and invite her in.

I can rise to the occasion, ready and willing to give unconditional love, support, and no-bullsh*t guidance.

I live in love and trust and so when a man comes seeking comfort I can offer a vibe that leaves him saying, “I’ve never been able to be this open with anyone before.”

It’s a gift. But it’s not like an object or something that is set in stone.

I must nurture it and share it and remain open to the gifts of others as well.

I have to keep the light on for myself as much as for anyone else.

So that I can keep coming back to the village and fostering community, especially with those who live so deeply in service that they rarely have time for themselves.

I will always make myself extra available for the healers, the caretakers, the mothers, the medicine women.

As I’ve said before, boundaries aren’t necessarily a set of rules and ‘no thank yous’, it’s the container you proactively create for yourself.

And the container I’ve created is pleasure-based confidence in my abilities and desires and a refusal to engage too often in anything I don’t want to do.

So I’m free to BE and free to SERVE you.

What is your archetype? What is the ethos of your own lifestyle? How do you know what you want to do and what you’re available for?

Do you wish you had a stronger sense of what drives you in life, relationships, and pleasure?

Message me to get the conversation started.

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