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Neither Polyamory nor Monogamy are a guarantee of anything

Words and labels are meaningless without explicit and ongoing agreement between you and your partner(s).

No one relationship dynamic is better than another and none of them are a guarantee of love or safety.

The bummer is that most people never talk about what these words actually mean to them and what they actually expect from their loves.

Many people practice monogamy and non-monogamy unconsciously, with the assumption that they’re on the same page.

But what if your partner’s definition of monogamy is never ever talking to someone of the opposite sex?

What if their definition of non-monogamy is a free-for-all, don’t-ask-don’t-tell kind of shenanigan?

Are you aligned? Did you agree to those terms? Do you have a safe container for asking questions and asserting boundaries?

And did you discuss alternative models of relating?

Even if the conversation is just to mutually agree that alternative dynamics aren’t for you….you NEED to have that conversation and you need to know that it’s safe to discuss the foundation that you’re building a life on.

What does this bring up for you?

Do you think you and your partner(s) are on the same page or are you maybe overdue for a check in?

I’m here to help if you need a script or even just to set the record straight on your own desires.

I have experience with all kinds of dynamics and I’m very pro monogamy if that’s what you want! No shame for any approach!

Kisses from me and my partners and their partners partners 😘

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