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Mismatched Desire: When one partner wants sex and the other does not (and the joyful path back to connection...)

In this video I talk about one of the MOST COMMON scenarios and points of tension in romantic relationships and marriages everywhere...mismatched sexual desire.

What do you do when one person says, "I want connection first," and the other insists, "I have to be intimate physically with you to feel emotionally close to you!"

Do you compromise, pushing one partner past their comfort, do you both suffer, or do you just keep processing and talking about it, hoping the other will just 'get it' already?

I don't blame you if you think these are the only options. It can feel like a pretty impossible situation and the advice out there is plentiful yet disappointing.

If you're curious and committed to learning more and loving outside of the box of boring relationship advice, you're in the right place. Welcome!

Check out this video for a story from some clients who found themselves stuck, but made it out the other side thanks to some playful turning toward each other...

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