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It can be even more vulnerable to receive than it is to give...

“I just like to give pleasure”

I’m sure you do love to give, but maybe you’re avoiding something in the process.

Surrendering to pleasure and opening to love is incredibly vulnerable and takes practice.

Maybe right now you…

💔 don’t believe that you deserve it

💔 struggle to accept compliments

💔 can get off but you’re not able to really feel

💔 rush to keep the attention off of yourself

Rejecting pleasure, rejecting affection is a bummer for everyone involved but especially you!

This Valentine's Day...give the gift of receiving. (Hear me out...)

To receive love gracefully might be the best gift you ever give your partner!

It is an act of generosity to allow your partner to give to you as you give to them.

If this is hard for you, you will need more than encouragement.

You need to rewire your nervous system and reprogram your beliefs in order to truly to receive and feel your partner.

I’ll help you with deep conversation and custom-to-you embodiment exercises that will allow you to open up and surrender to the love you desire.

There are limited spots available now for my 3-Month Magnetic Programs for singles and couples and the option for a waitlist if you miss this window. Try a breakthrough session as a sample or DM me for the link to sign up.

Let’s see if we can expand your nervous system and allow more ease and flow into your relationships. Book a Breakthrough session today to try it out.

Couples and 1:1 Spots Available

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