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"I should just let this go..." "If they could just do this ONE thing..."

The ways in which we are critical of ourselves often creates so much resistance and distortion in our minds.

If you could just BE different or LET IT GO because you SHOULD then you would. (Same goes for our partners...)

Your emotional health and social experience are linked to physiological processes and subconscious patterns. Most of the time your parts and behaviors require a specific kind of healing to shift.

So many of my clients think they’re bad at some aspect of intimacy, but here they are healing it and being coached at an advanced level where they will resolve and learn how to show up in a very sophisticated way.

Yes, I’m very powerful and a great teacher, but they don’t end up with me by coincidence.

Being gentle with yourself isn’t just about self care, it’s a very practical matter.

All of the healing that you wish for is on the other side of you dialing into a softer perspective that allows for more nuance in how you see yourself.

Let’s work on this together!

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