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Healing Trauma is Simpler Than You Think....

Updated: Mar 3

A truly skilled practitioner (something I believe is rare, if I'm being honest) is someone who understands you beyond a simply technical level. They will also not try to squeeze trauma out of you with showy acts of catharsis or shove your feelings even farther down into your system with meditation and mindset practices that are more likely to deepen perfectionism and low self-esteem when poorly applied.

If you think that healing trauma is hard or that it takes forever, it could be because you've been trying to force healing with big releases, talking in circles with someone who does not recognize the depth of your coping mechanisms, or employing the same perfectionist strategies over and over. Maybe you're doing all of the above.

I get it and I have totally been there.

You do not have to stay stuck in that loop, friend! Phew!

I was inspired to share about this today when I saw this quote from Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk: "Trauma comes back as a reaction, not a memory."

To me this says, our Trauma does not show itself in the memories or stories so many of us are relentlessly analyzing or searching for, rather the Trauma reveals itself to us in our triggers and fight or flight responses. This means that your keys to healing are not at all a mystery. They are right there in your feelings and sensations. How you BE with your triggers and big feelings is how you heal trauma.

Great news! You can stop digging! The treasure is at your feet. Not only that, you don't have to figure any of this out on your own. That is what I am here for. I'm here to masterfully navigate your triggers, trauma responses, defense mechanisms, and of course your inherent magic and strengths.

I'll offer you another secret as I sign off for now--even when a client does discover hidden or forgotten memories, we never have to pick that stuff apart. Rather, we honor what we find and allow the beautiful, talented, and strong current version of you reprogram the way you relate to that memory. How empowering is that?!

Intrigued? Check out my home page to discover all of the ways we can work together right now!

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