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From "Good Girl" to Shameless Pleasure

(Still a pretty good girl, tho.)

There was a time when I was so uncomfortable being seen that I didn’t even have a profile picture on my private social media accounts.

Because I didn’t like what I saw.

Because partners who were supposed to love me for who I am only seemed to see that I wasn’t the kind of beauty that turns heads on the street.

And even here in this super empowered scene where I’m spontaneously doing a semi strip tease on a busy street in downtown Seattle on a Saturday night…even as I’m being spoiled and enthusiastically encouraged to show off…

I still forgot to relax my jaw. The little shadow that’s left of all the times I was made to feel that I’m too much and should be as quiet and as small as possible.

But I get to be imperfect on my path to liberation and so do you!

I’m seeking men and women who want to unpack their shame and pursue pleasure and intimacy that goes well beyond stuffy old paradigms that want to keep you small, compliant, and shy.

I want to meet you and I want to SEE you for all that you are and celebrate all the edges, all the softness, and all the sticky shadowy things you think you have to hide (gimme!).

I want to lovingly hold that space for you so you can go out in the world and get all of the love and great s3x that you desire.

I want you to bathe in the sensuality of my energy and start to unlock your own.

If you f*ck with me I might just change your life. Try an intro session!

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