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Be Direct About Your Desires So People Can Meet You Where You're At

If you’re not being direct about what you want and what you’re available for, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and probably leaving a lot of joy on the table.

If you just assume someone can’t give you what you want or (random example here) you assume that you can’t afford coaching so you avoid talking to that person…

You could be missing out on the relationship or growth opportunity of a lifetime.

You never actually know until you ask.

On the flip side, you might also be very much stuck in dynamics you never actually agreed to because you were not comfortable speaking up or saying “no.”

So, let me be very direct and tell you, if you’re really curious about my work but you’re caught up in stories about how it can’t work or how you can’t afford it, quit wasting your time with that and just ask me!

And then if you don’t want to move forward let me give you permission now to use your empowered No.

I’ll love you for your clarity and you won’t even have to block me or ghost me! 👻

And then, hey, you get free relationship training built into that whole communication and negotiation experience.

So what do you say?

Take a shot at vulnerability?

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