Your personal growth will not always align with where you're at in your relationships

Many people experience a big awakening in the first couple of sessions with me.

When they start identifying what they want, practicing boundaries, and reclaiming their bodies they realize that for much of their lives they’ve been treated, well….poorly.

And suddenly they feel a sense of fear or urgency like, “oh, Sh*t, do I need to dump my partner???”

A feeling that is really intense and totally makes sense!

But, no, you do not need to burn down your relationships just because you’ve grown.

Instead, this can be your nudge to treat yourself better and start asking for what you need. You also get to learn more about the people in your life so everyone can be happier and healthier.

And remember to pace yourself.

The right ones will want to come along for the ride. And if you truly want to end things, I’ll be there with you 100% of the way.

The New Year is an amazing time to explore your growing edges around pleasure and connection.

It’s also a perfect time for couples to check in and gain new perspective.

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