People of all genders experience relationship anxiety

People read text messages over and over.

People lay awake in bed replaying the thing they did or didn’t do.

People freeze up and can’t find the right words.

People are afraid of initiation and rejection.

People obsess over the one that got away and wonder why it didn’t work.

This isn’t a man or a woman thing.

All of my clients experience anxiety and feel the pressure of a culture that neither teaches us how to be good at relationships nor tolerates mistakes.

We are all under a lot of pressure and living more isolated than ever before in our apartments and single-family homes.

I hold ALL of my clients through anxiety, tears, trauma, stories of assault, struggles with boundaries, triggers, disembodiment, and fights with their partners and families.

All people. Everyone. Because everyone needs help with intimacy. And as you grow in intimacy you get to level up another step.

This work is for everyone and this work is forever.

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