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Couple by Waterfall

 No more spinning or wondering...


Maybe you know you have some changes to make or you're hungry for more in love, but you're unsure of what that 'more' could be or where to go for help.

I specialize in relationships and sexuality and I help people and partners like you (pardon my French) figure their shit out every day with rare insights and embodiment.


Imagine getting dropped into my crystal ball to unwind from your overthinking. Quit mulling stuff over alone and lemme be the wind beneath your wings for a minute, bud.

Whether you're attending this value-packed session solo or with a partner, you will receive real-time feedback and direct and loving next steps that you can actually use and run with however your heart desires.

Get to straight to the heart of blocks and growing edges...No more looping... 

Because my work is deeply embodied and intuitive, I am able to connect to the root very quickly with limited history or storytelling from you.


We will jump right in and make the most of every minute.

Couple on the Beach

"Where Veronica's magic is so clear is her ability to empathize and see people. Really See them. It is scary and powerful to be seen and she does it almost like it's no big deal. It caught me off a good way. My husband noticed her empathy immediately. It disarmed him and brought him into curiosity almost instantly." -Claire

The Deep Dive: Your Intimacy Intake Call

  • A deep understanding of your current relationship status and potential future paths.

  • Discovery and dismantling of blocks around dating, romance, and sex.

  • A tailored plan for your intimacy healing journey.

  • A launchpad for my 6-month immersion so you can hit the ground running.

Your Journey Forward

My holistic approach seamlessly combines trauma-informed somatics, parts work, subconscious healing, and attachment science with the artistry of spirit, intuition, and sacred sexuality to provide an experience unlike any other. Get a taste of this magic customized to address your most pressing challenge or desire so you can see more clearly where to go next.

Book Your Session, Babe...

Learn what it will take to transform your relationships, reignite your passion, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Your journey to improving your intimate life starts here....


_"In this moment of human awakening, I've crossed many humans who are doing their own admirable unlearning... but very few (I mean very few) are fortified enough to light a flame in my moments of darkness as you have... very few have polished their own vessel wisely enough to reflect pure light back at me when I need it the most."-Francesca


​_"Our couples sessions with Veronica are better quality and more intimate and experienced than every certified relationship therapist I have ever been to." -Emily Otto, Rebelle INC

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