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Heartbreak Handbook

Heartbreak Handbook

My loves, this is a 12-page digital guide for navigating and healing the many stages of a break up. This is great for anyone who loves wellness, embodiment, and deep thought but who doesn't have time for shame.


I am a Certified Sex and Relationship Coach and this comes from my extensive personal and professional experience with hard times. (Although most of this is totally PG, expect some mild cursing and some light sex and self pleasure talk.)


Sections include:

How to work with the competing advice
Boundaries & a Healing Plan
How Do I really Feel? How Can I Feel Better?
Embodied Ways to Move with Feelings
No Contact? Yes or No?
Shadow Work & Self Pleasure Prompts
Remember Who the F*** You Are!


This attractive digital booklet is chill but stimulating to look at with vivid blues and purples with gold and white highlights. Let it be gentle to your aching brain.


Take your time with each of the pages and move at your own pace, sweet moonbeam.

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