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Unlocking Pleasure

A Sensual Self-Paced Video Course
For Women, Men who date Women, and Couples

I'll tell you a secret...

This workshop has all of the juicy pleasure knowledge I want to share with every client but it's just too much content to squeeze into a session or even several sessions.

These aren’t your basic tips and tricks, this series goes DEEP and VULNERABLE and just might push you to the edge of your sensual comfort zones…in the best possible way. Unlocking Pleasure is a self-paced video course for people who know there is more to pleasure but who might feel a little stuck or unsure of where to begin. Use this course to strengthen your foundation of self-trust, improve your partner communication skills, and deepen your pleasure in ways that will enhance ANY relationship including your relationship with YOURSELF.

This Course is For You...


If you...


Feel disconnected from your body and sexuality...

Experience shame or pain with sex...

Struggle to orgasm or lack sensitivity...

Hope to connect with your partner on a deeper level...

Want to be a better lover to women...

Would like to refresh your techniques for playing with men... 

AND you have the COURAGE to leave your comfort zone and

ride your growing edges...

This video series includes:


6 Core Video Modules that will help you to be a better lover with topics like...

  • Understanding Your Core Desires

  • Topics You've Never Discussed with Your Partners (but should!)

  • All-Gender Content with An Extra Emphasis on Pleasuring a Woman's Body

  • Expanding Pleasure and Orgasmic Potential

  • Detailed Arousal Techniques and Notes about Anatomy

  • How to Open to and Breathe into an Orgasmic State

With 10+ Bonus Videos including....

  • Guided Somatic Embodiment Exercises

  • Notes on Every Day Body Awareness

  • The Nuances of Communication and Consent

You will have unlimited access to all of the videos on the Unlocking Pleasure channel in the privacy of your own home for 6 months with a one-time payment of $150

(use PayPal at checkout to explore extended payment options for those who qualify)

Your Coach

Veronica Puryear

Veronica Puryear

Hi! I'm Veronica! 

I'm a Certified Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach. 

This particular course is personal to me because I've learned so much on my own road to reclaiming my pleasure and sexuality after several major life transitions, burnout from a fast-paced career, chronic illness, and a devastating STI diagnosis.


Many of these practices are based on my training with the Somatica® Institute and influenced by the road I've taken to heal my nervous system, get clear on what I want, and come home to my sensuality. 


Are you ready to do the same?

So much love,  Veronica


What Makes Unlocking Pleasure Unique?

Understand  anatomy from an emotional and spiritual perspective

(you've likely never looked at or felt the body in this way before)....



Unlocking Pleasure is Jam Packed with experiential Practices for you to:


  • Learn the dimensions of sex

  • Explore SOLO or with a PARTNER

  • Discover your core desires

  • Establish a safe environment for peak erotic connection

  • Get comfortable with your body and the messiness of intimacy

  • Practice erotic and intimate communication

  • Improve your boundaries

  • Begin to heal shame, guilt, and resentment

  • Increase sensitivity over your entire body

  • Unleash the potential for deeper, longer orgasms

  • Welcome the most confident and magnetic version of you ever!

Unlocking Pleasure is self-paced. 

You have 6 months to take your time

and re-watch over and over.

Go deep, take breaks, and come back again and again and again...



Even Better....Make it a Bundle and get both Siren & Sovereign

and Unlocking Pleasure for $275 for 6 Months....

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