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SNEAK PEAK: What's Your Pleasure??

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Grab your journal and maybe a partner! This is one of the heaviest hitting lessons from my signature workshop Unlocking Pleasure. I know that it is because people are always telling me: "The first video has already been SO EXPANSIVE for me!" I make sure that EVERY private client I work with watches Unlocking Pleasure and starts with this video. Unlocking Pleasure is all about discovering your likes and dislikes solo or with a partner, as well as many, much deeper, and even surprising perspectives on embodied pleasure for all. In this foundational module you will learn how to explore with yourself and/or open up a powerful partner conversation with super practical launching points that start simple and build to spicy. Applicable to any gender! This module is the primer for all of Unlocking Pleasure where if you continue into the rest of the course, you will lean into healing your relationship with your body, a new look at boundaries and consent, opening your heart, mind, and body for earth shattering pleasure, a totally fresh perspective on all of the types of orgasm you didn't know existed, reflexology and spiritual elements of your body and sexuality that might be blocked, and TONS of real advice for hands (and other parts...) on techniques. Try this lesson as your first step and then jump in

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