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Siren & Sovereign - Embodied Confidence and Seduction at Your Own Pace

  • 24Weeks
  • 30Steps


This is your own private feminine mystery school! Create epic sex and relationships by breaking out of common cultural patterns & Remember how it feels to really be alive and sexy in your own body. Reconnecting with your organic sexual power isn’t necessarily easy but it can be simple. The tough part is shedding your protective layers and societal expectations. ​In this workshop you will: Learn to interrupt conflict before it begins Heal Your Relationships with Men and Masculinity Practice embodied seduction and the emotional honesty that modern men crave. Long and yearn like you LIFE depends on it! Stop Holding Back! Embrace Connection without shame or Co-Dependence! Trust me, my masculine clients are just as hungry for intimacy as you are my loves. It's time to unpack outdated approaches to relationship communication that make men the villain or the slob in your fairytale. ​Then we can regulate your body and turn your erotic energy ALL THE WAY UP for clearer and deeper connection. Friends, what I love about this course is how it all flows together. It starts by getting you unstuck from broken cultural patterns...picks up into embodied seduction...and then we're putting devotion into action using the spicy techniques and the emotional strength you learned along the way.   SIREN & SOVEREIGN video workshop has all of this:   Unpacking the actual meaning of codependency Checking your communication patterns Reflecting and processing blocks with men Naming the real meaning of emotional availability Activating and energizing breath work Embodied seduction exercises Connecting to your longing (no more shame) Real techniques for penis pleasure How to hold each other through the hard stuff   With bonuses like: Tracking your cycle and your sexuality A new perspective on consent Fun and sexy playlists Self-paced means you can be as juicy or be as shy and silly as you want in the privacy of your own space!

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