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You don't need endless self-help techniques
or years of therapy to create epic intimacy

Indelicate Coaching offers an embodied and relational counseling method that is more effective than traditional talk therapy for healing relationship wounds and expanding your nervous system capacity for deep and sustainable intimacy

Meet Veronica

Certified Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach

aka Indelicate Coaching

Secure Love Is Sexy.


We all want to feel lit up by intimacy whether it's in the first glance with a new flame or a familiar embrace with a long-time partner.


I believe that excitement and depth can exist together no matter what stage of relationship you're in. 


That's why my unique approach to attachment, anxiety, conflict, and sexual attraction strengthens both Security and Spark. 

In our sessions, you will build resilience, heal anxious and avoidant tendencies, open your tender heart, and forever change the way that you relate to yourself and others.


(And feel pretty hot about it, too.)

Because I bet your therapist has
never called you 'good girl'.

What makes this method so effective?


First of all, I create an experience of authentic trust and openness in what we call the 'Relationship Lab' where I give you direct feedback on your presence and share with you how your energy, words, and body language make me feel. 


We practice creating secure attachment together and create a bond as coach and client whether you attend solo or with a partner.

Second, I will slow down your venting, mental chatter, and arguments to help you connect with conscious and subconscious feelings that are living in your body and lurking in your dynamics. Acknowledging these feelings can resolve years of patterns and chronic issues.


Third, relationship and sexuality exploration just works better with a specialist.

Even if we never talk explicitly about your activities in the bedroom, my intimate lens along with a kink-positive and shame-free approach allows you to show up as your whole self without compartmentalizing aspects that may not feel safe to share in mainstream or clinical spaces.


(Also, I bet your therapist can't lighten the mood with playful terms like 'good girl'.)

Curious about which program is right for you?
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Programs for 1:1 and Couples

Don't believe me?
Ask the dishes...

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Interrupt Your Patterns; Not Your Life....
And Finally Get the Real Intimacy You Desire

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