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Your complexity is my specialty.


Indelicate Coaching provides a rare and advanced counseling approach that masterfully combines some of the most effective methods for healing relationship patterns and trauma while teaching you how to bring more love into any dynamic

Hi, I'm Veronica -- Certified Somatic Intimacy and Relationship Coach aka Indelicate Coaching. I've discovered a sweet spot where verbal processing (talk therapy) and somatics (body and nervous system) come together to help my solo and partnered clients playfully grow into satisfying, sustainable, and spicy intimacy.

Interrupt Your Patterns, Not Your Life
One somatic experience at a time

Whether it's the shackles of perfectionism, the shadows of social anxiety, or the rough seas of relationship turmoil, there's a path to healing. Through a combination of practical communication tools, body awareness techniques, and somatic parts work, we'll embark on a journey of deep understanding and lasting change. 

Secure Love Is Sexy.


In our sessions, you will forever change the way that you relate to yourself and others...and feel pretty hot about it, too.

We all want to feel lit up by intimacy whether it's in the first glance with a new flame or a familiar embrace with a long-time partner.

I know that excitement and depth can exist together no matter what stage of relationship you're in. 

That's why my approach to attachment, anxiety, conflict, and attraction prioritizes both Security and Spark. 

You don't need endless self-help techniques
or years of therapy to create epic intimacy

What makes this method so effective?


First of all, I will help you calibrate your energy and nervous system so you can drop the anxiety, drama, and defense mechanisms that stop your flow and keep people from feeling and seeing you as you really are. 

Second, I will slow down your venting, mental chatter, and arguments to help you connect with conscious and subconscious feelings that are living in your body and lurking in your dynamics. Acknowledging these feelings can resolve years of patterns and chronic issues.


Third, relationship and intimacy counseling just works better with a specialist.

My work is tailored specifically to relationships and the unique challenges we face in connection with others including the effects of Anxiety and Complex Trauma. I am also trained and well-versed in Sexuality. Even if we never talk explicitly about your activities in the bedroom, my intimate lens and shame-free approach allows you to show up as your whole self without compartmentalizing aspects of you that may not feel safe to share in mainstream or clinical spaces. 

don't know anyone else who does what I do the way that I do it.

"A Pleasure to Have in Class"

What my clients have in common...


Energy. You're sensitive to it and you create it. Not all of you will realize how well this describes you until you have done a couple of sessions.

You get that there is more to sex and connection than the obvious and do your best to be open-minded (even if intimacy is uncomfortable for you). Some of you may be going through a time of change or a renaissance in your sexual expression.


You have probably tried therapy, meditating, exercise, and all manner of techniques and trends to be the best version of yourself.


...Or you're bootstrapping it by being the MOST perfect partner/parent/employee a person could imagine. You work so hard to be everything they need and to never upset them. You can always find a way to take responsibility or blame for a problem (...and you're exhausted).

You get lost in music, art, dance, or nature whenever you can.


Maybe you a person who really sparkles but you have learned to hide your shine to make others more comfortable.

You might feel like you're different from or better than other people (oooh you didn't think I was gonna type that one but I did!). 

You have had to take care of yourself from a young age and have learned to track the facial expressions, body language, and subtle shifts of other people like your life depends on it.


You're a devoted lover through and through (even if you've never revealed your romantic, vulnerable, dreamer side). Yet the ease that you crave in love, friendships, and community is just out of reach.


You have been told that you're too sensitive or you may worry about coming across as angry or too much when you express yourself.

You have a rich inner world and have a unique way of describing things whether it's out loud or in the privacy of your journal. Some of you feel in visuals or colors.

You work in a healing or teaching profession or people somehow always seem to find you and can't help but spill their secrets.

You have endless smarty pants things to say about feelings and can talk circles around most healers and therapists. You're basically conducting the session yourself.

Maybe you've been told, "you're so self aware." Yet you have the same challenges and looping patterns come up in relationships. (Did you know that anxiety and attachment style can be healed with specialized support and that you don't have to feel this way forever?)

What you get from this experience...

A thing I don't say often is that many of my clients are above average healers themselves. They are respected in their fields and choosy about who supports them.


They are therapists who are learning that there is a whole other world of healing possibilities out there and regularly blown away by this rare and experiential approach. They are reiki practitioners and sexuality experts. They are people who own businesses or who provide healthcare and behavioral support in clinical spaces.


They are parents working their ever-loving butts off in tough conditions, sacrificing their own needs so they can nurture the gifts and sensitivity of their children.


They are creators, lifelong learners, and brave explorers of their own psyche who share what they know and pull others up with them as they shine light on new discoveries.

They are masculine people who have never felt truly seen or understood until now.

You all teach me every day how to use my rare gifts to support rare people like you.


All of these folks feel the difference from traditional therapy right away and are often stopped in their tracks as they realize all of the ways they have been analyzing but not truly feeling themselves until now.


It doesn't matter what specific challenge you come to work through. It could be anxiety, heartbreak, a physical difficulty, or coping with lifestyle shiftsA common quote around here is, "I feel changed after just one session."

And it's true, because I know how to go beyond the question or the problem and get to the real heart of the matter.


Wherever you want to go, I can take you a step further than you can imagine on your own.

Don't believe me?
Ask the dishes...

We're not just chatting, we're evolving in real time.

Book Now and feel the magic for yourself...

  • Wildly Valuable Insights and Embodiment for First Time Clients

    1 hr 15 min

    250 US dollars
  • Private Clients and Package Holders Schedule Here

    1 hr 15 min

  • $265 for a single session or save on a package

    1 hr 15 min

    265 US dollars
  • I Am The Fire - Embodying Desire - Live and Recorded Event
    I Am The Fire - Embodying Desire - Live and Recorded Event
    Fri, Sep 29
    Free Webinar
    Sep 29, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM PDT
    Free Webinar
    Get what you ACTUALLY want... Embody who you wish to be in Intimacy... Ignite and rekindle passion... Break down walls that block receiving... Shake off the voice that believes "I can't have this"... Clean up over-giving and leaky energy...

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