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Your complexity is my specialty.


Hi, I'm Veronica, Certified Relationship and Intimacy Specialist and (Sort of Cosmic) Somatic Healer.

Hi, I'm Veronica! I provide custom romantic and emotional transformations for even the most complex situations. Share what is on your heart while I work my magic to heal your inner world and teach you the skills of artful love.

If you're here with a partner, we'll reset your dynamic in real-time. I won't simply watch you struggle or misunderstand each other, I'll compassionately adjust what isn't working right there in the moment.

Whether solo or partnered, this is where you learn to embody the most alive and loving version of yourself as you unlearn the fears and habits that are in your way.

Dissolve patterns and emotional baggage while infusing more love and joy into any relationship. Come discover the sweet spot where conversation meets nervous system healing as you playfully grow into satisfying, sustainable, and spicy intimacy.

Interrupt Your Patterns, Not Your Life

You don't have to settle to feel safe, nor do you need to blow up your life to start feeling alive again. You also don't have to break up because you're feeling stuck or triggered. You just need someone who can see you under the muck.


I can help you shake off the junk of bad habits and old hurts and learn how to be the best, most inspiring partner you can be starting now. 

Secure Love Is Sexy.


Forever change the way that you relate to yourself and others...and feel pretty hot about it, too.

We all want to be lit up by intimacy whether it's in the first glance with a new flame or a familiar embrace with a long-time partner.

I know that excitement and depth can exist together no matter what stage of relationship you're in. 

That's why my approach to attachment, anxiety, conflict, and attraction prioritizes both Security and Spark. 

Get started now by booking a Deep Dive Intro where the shift begins right away. This isn't a typical intake session where you waste an hour catching me up on old stories. We'll get right into it!

You don't need endless self-help techniques
or years of therapy to create epic intimacy

What makes this method so effective?


First of all, I will help you calibrate your energy and nervous system so you can drop the anxiety, drama, and defense mechanisms that block your flow and keep people from feeling and seeing you as you really are. 

Second, whether you sign up for a Deep Dive intro session or 6 months of immersive coaching, I will slow down your venting, mental chatter, and arguments to help you connect with conscious and subconscious feelings that are living in your body and lurking in your dynamics. Acknowledging these feelings can resolve years of confusion and chronic issues.


Third, relationship and intimacy counseling just works better with a specialist.

I am big time believer in LOVE, HOPE, and DREAMS. That is why my work is tailored specifically to relationships and the unique challenges we face in connection with others including the effects of anxiety, stress, attachment, complex trauma, and social conditioning.


I am also trained and well-versed in sexuality. Even if we never talk explicitly about your activities in the bedroom, my intimate lens and shame-free approach allows you to show up as your whole self without compartmentalizing aspects of yourself that may not feel safe to share in mainstream or clinical spaces. 

"A Pleasure to Have in Class"

Many of my clients are talented professionals, artists, and therapists or healers themselves and they come here because this embodied transformation is unmatched.


All of these folks feel the difference from traditional therapy right away and are often blown away as they realize all of the ways they have been analyzing but not truly feeling themselves until now.

It doesn't matter what specific challenge you come to work through. It could be anxiety, heartbreak, a physical difficulty, coping with lifestyle shifts, or a desire to come out of hiding as the incredible person that you are.


A common quote around here is, "I feel transformed after just one session!"

It's true. I know how to go beyond the question or the problem and get to the real heart of the matter. Wherever you want to go, I can take you a step further than you can imagine on your own.

Don't believe me?
Ask the dishes...

We're not just chatting, we're evolving in real time.

Book Now and feel the magic for yourself...

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