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Close out 2023 right for a Fresh New Year

If you're looking for the simplest way to work with me

privately and on a consistent basis,

you've found it in this limited-time Summer offer.

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SOMATIC INTIMACY COACHING is different from traditional talk therapy.

I will help you talk about and process your experiences beyond venting or talking in circles so you can gently heal your nervous system and tenderly dissolve deep emotional blocks that are getting in the way of the intimacy that you crave.


This work is bigger than mindset or discipline. It’s soul stretching and creates new neural pathways that help you make better choices that lead to safer and drama-free connection.

You will start to feel results and implement them in the real world right away and get feedback to help you build on your progress in every session but with lots of space to breathe and integrate between our meetings.

The STRIPPED container is your chance to get started now while maintaining a gentle pace. By comparison, my year-long Immersion is a transformative ride of a lifetime....and that intensity is not for everyone.

STRIPPED is here as
an accessible option for you if you are excited to commit to your intimate development but don't have time to make the most out of a deeper investment. I'm excited to meet you!

Sessions expire November, 30 2023

Rolling Admission - Start as early as next week.

Upon payment, you will receive an agreement and instructions for scheduling.

60-minute Sessions are online Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Words from some of my short-term clients:

"We've done couples therapy with a PhD level psychologist and didn't get to even 10% of what we uncovered with Veronica in three months."

"I've been surprised by how “easy” it feels. The work is not easy, but the way Veronica facilitates the sessions is so skillful. I learn so much about interaction and connection in such a short amount of time, every time."

"I’ve been in and out of therapy for many years with many different therapists. Coaching with Veronica has worked better and faster than anything I have tried."


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