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Herpes Guide (great for healers and loved ones)

Herpes Guide (great for healers and loved ones)

This resource was originally written for partners and practitioners supporting folks living with HSV to help them unpack stigma and learn the little known details of living with herpes that only someone who has it could know. It is also an amazing resource for folks living with's not just for practitoners!


Use this as your jumping off point into learning about this very common, but often misunderstood condition.


Update: One of the instagram accounts mentioned in the resources section of this guide @positive_results_us and all accounts associated with it have been archived. Its groups and downloads are no longer active.



A herpes diagnosis can be traumatic and It is common for folks to believe that they will never date, love, or have sex again.

To make it worse, many of us feel shamed or unheard by healthcare practitioners and counselors. Yes, even the hip, well-read ones.

As a provider, you may be the only person they have ever told--how you respond matters.

The idea is not to shame you for what you don't know, but to instead help you to be a better support to those living with a highly misunderstood condition.

This guide is nowhere near a comprehensive guide about the science of herpes and does not include any stats. As practitioners, you already have the resources and responsibility to dig deeper into those details.

Rather, this guide is a glimpse into interpersonal and emotional aspects of living with herpes based on my own experience and that of dozens of folks I've connected with in the community. The kind of stuff that you won't find on google.

This 20-page downloadable PDF is jam packed with herpes facts and personal reflections on how challenging it can be to find support. Even those who are very sex-positive, who may have a lot of clinical experience, and, yes, even those living with herpes themselves likely have more to learn and could benefit from this guide.

In this guide you will learn some of the questions that are triggering and helpful versus some potential alternatives. As I am a sex and relationship coach, this guide of course also dives into Sex, Dating, Shame, and Stigma.

Consider this document to be a detailed intro to each topic and a way to unpack some of your own biases and impulses. 


For more on any of the topics covered here, reach out to me for a consult or a session.


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