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Your Pleasure Education is Just Beginning and You are Your Most Important Teacher

I am built for pleasure. I am destined for it.

We all are.

But we are so quickly stripped of and shamed for it—the pleasure that is our birthright.

Religion teaches us sacrifice and self-denial.

Parents teach us shame.

Culture dangles cheap thrills in front of our faces and angry mobs tear us down if we dare to enjoy life ‘too much’.

Then you start having sex and relationships and wonder why you have a low libido or you stuff down the urges that might actually turn you on.

You don’t ask for what you want because that would be rude and rock the boat.

That is if you ever bother to learn what you want in the first place.

And there are a lot of resources and ‘tips and tricks’ that pop up to try to fill the void, and probably make you feel worse or more confused than before.

But you don’t need tips and tricks. You need to know that you deserve pleasure.

Know it not only in your rational mind but deep in your bones…in the electrical grooves of your nervous system.

And you need to know yourself SO WELL that you can withstand any awkwardness, any conflict…the hottest heat of any moment.

Know what you like

Know what you love

Know what makes you moan

Know what triggers you

Know what turns you off

Know your limits and growing edges

Know who or what can open your wildest, mildest, sweetest, most vulnerable selves.

You hold all of the secrets.

And that’s where I come in. I don’t teach you what to like and I never lead with specific techniques (though I certainly have plenty).

I bring you home to you.

Through a handful of offerings at varying levels depth, intensity, and commitment, I help you discover yourself.

I give you the tools that will empower you to take the lead in your own pleasure.

Check out my Unlocking Pleasure self-paced workshop and 1:1 offerings for more!

Because what I do is THAT GOOD, I expect to sell out and move to waiting list one day soon so get a move on!

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