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Women Have Darkness and Imperfections and Men Have So Much Love to Give

Let women be imperfect and let men step into the light.

When we paint women as perfect or as perpetual victims of the foibles of men we take away our power and we bypass our own humanity. We also needlessly make men the villains of our stories.

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One of the most important, and maybe unexpected, is healing your relationship with men.

The men in your life have more wisdom and love to offer than you’re letting them give to you. AND...women can be just as hard to date or as clueless about love as the stories we tell about men.

The sx and relationships you have with men will never meet the desires that ache in your heart if you are committed to the idea that men are unemotional, detached, vile, dangerous, dishonest, etc…

Even if you know this, it can be hard to let go of accumulated fear and resentment.

I date men so I know how rough it can be (truly). I’ll never dismiss your pain. I was also raised in a world that favors men and encourages them to make others feel small and have had to do a lot of work to shake that off.

I have had to claim radical responsibility for myself. For my shadow. For my ego. And every day I grow my compassion for men who are also shaped by our sex-negative and emotionally repressed culture.

I’m still working on how to be wrong and how to be resilient when faced with criticism (because it turns out I’m fully capable of mistakes and am not meant to be the righteous taskmaster of my love relationships). More than that, I'm working on how to accept and hold love from masculine people. I'm working on slowing down, on holding off on my impulse to strike, to nag, to shame, to blame, to protect my heart at all costs.

If you are feeling triggered by this or maybe feeling some pangs of recognition, I encourage you to follow my instagram stories for updates about SIREN+SOVEREIGN video course for women or reach out to me with your questions. $222 or 50% off through Jul 17 with code SEDUCEME

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