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Why I Don't Believe in Foreplay

Forget ‘Foreplay’ and Make Every Moment Count

In my world, foreplay doesn’t exist.

Because it’s all sex. Everything you do with your beloved, your crush, your sweet meat toy (look, I’m not married to romantic titles) is sex.

If you’re doing it right, you’re (almost) always exchanging erotic energy. Because erotic energy is life force energy.

It’s consciousness and heart and desire and creativity all coming together and *vibing* all around you and hopefully connecting with your partner(s).

Yes, the physical body needs to warm up for maximum pleasure potential, but the energetic body and the consistency of your presence is already doing a lot of the work for you and the rest is just play.

You’ll never hear me prescribe 30-45 minutes of foreplay.


Again, there is NO SUCH THING as ‘foreplay’!

And because there is so much more than simply plugging away at specific sex acts with the intention of a linear experience that must always end in penetration.

Sex is SO MUCH MORE than that.

Your connections, no matter how long you’ve been together or how formal or informal they are, are SO MUCH MORE than that.

And there’s also SO MUCH MORE to say about this topic, but you’ll have to subscribe to my workshop for me to really break it down and get into detail.

Want to expand your sexploration, skills, and outercourse? Try the Unlocking Pleasure Home Study Course!

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