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Where Do You Resist Sweetness In Your Life?

*Written on the day of the Lion's Gate Portal*

Born 8/8/1934 — the first person to meet me earth-side.

I fought with her the way that daughters fight with their mothers except she wasn’t.

She was my mother’s mother. Her sweetness and unyielding tenderness were a constant affront to my churning teenage guts.

How could she be so gentle with me? So proud of me for….no reason at all…in a world that makes one feel so hard to love.

She must have been confused. A pushover. Saccharine. What did she know?

Feeling unconditional love, even from someone close, can feel foreign if that’s not what you’re used to.

When I say ‘get to know yourself’ when I talk about my coaching programs, this is part of the question.

Did you at some point catch the idea that you’re hard to love?

Is there a piece of you that feels unworthy?

Does loyalty and affection throw you for a loop? And do you even notice that is what’s happening when you push someone away?

Every day, but especially today on this potent day, I want you to reflect on the ways you might be fighting against love—pushing away the highest good that is here and available to you right now.

What action can you take today and where can you soften to bring forth the love and bounty that is right in front of your face?

And—no, you’re not off the hook yet—how can you offer that same love and beauty to the world?

One of the best ways to be available for love and blessings is to embody that which we wish to see more of in the world. Blessings 💕

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