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Remember that everyone gets nervous

Before you unravel…

Remember that everyone gets nervous.

I see so many clients—and my own lovers—get so lost in their own heads.

You worry that you’re not good enough.

You’re scared of saying the wrong thing.

You feel pressure to impress them or make them c*m.

You’re so lost in your anxiety, you freeze up and don’t even realize how disconnected you are from the present moment.

You must step back and focus less on how you’re maybe f*cking up and focus more on connection.

Connection not perfection.

Next, I want to teach you how to confidently take the lead in these situations rather than sitting back and waiting for them to make a move. It's more than just doing it...there's an energy to learn.

Can you imagine how empowering it will feel to actually be the one putting folks at ease (including yourself)?

I want that for you. Reach out to try a session now! You can try an intro session for one burning question and to chat about programs or you can try a one-time intensive that goes deeper:

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