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Most of Us Are Just Barely Scratching the Surface of Pleasure

All of us have the potential for wild, immersive, ecstatic, PLEASURE-FULL experiences…

And yet we’re skipping right over most of the opportunities and invitations in our every day lives.

Opportunities to go deeper are always right in front of you. You get to create more pleasure potential in your every breath, movement, and connection.

This is why I’m creating Unlocking Pleasure — my self-paced video workshop that will help you start to notice and act on all of pleasure’s daily invitations.

The depth and detail of these videos would typically take 6-7 in-person sessions, but I’m breaking it all down for you in a digestible way that you can revisit over and over again!

Many of the concepts are gender neutral and will help you to better understand your sensuality:

✨ what do you like?

✨ how do you like it?

✨ how can you give it to yourself and ask for it from others?

And the best part about these concepts is that you can also bring all of these questions and exercises to your lovers!

You get to become your own dream lover and a magnetic, loving partner to others.

The rest of the concepts will be very focused on #feminineembodiment and pleasure potential for women.

Again, these videos are as great for personal expression as they are for learning about potential partners.

If you’re someone who loves women, these lessons go WELL BEYOND any techniques you could just easily google.

This dives into energetics and how to create the environment for ultimate pleasure.

If you’re intrigued, subscribe to Unlocking Pleasure now.

This won’t be your average workshop and will probably push the edges of your understanding but I promise it will expand your potential and prowess.

I’m SO looking forward to you joining me in this loving, private space, and as always appreciate you being here on this journey with me.


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