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Many Sexual Challenges Are Rooted in Shame

Fear of being too much...not enough...worry that you'll let someone down... You can transmute this energy into magic.

A lot of my DMs are about fantasies or desires that people fear are ‘gross’.

Or worries you’ll be rejected or embarrassed about the way your body works (or doesn’t).

In reality, the challenge or block is likely rooted in shame.

So how do we cope with shame if it’s so pervasive?

Transformation is possible. Inevitable, even, if you’re committed.

When we transmute shame into something more approachable or maybe even something to celebrate…the whole world opens up.

There are people who want to try that ‘weird’ thing with you. In fact there are probably thousands.

Let me help you call them in.

There are opportunities in every fumble and every perceived imperfection because that’s where connection happens.

Allow me to hold you as you navigate a new approach.

Whatever it is that you’re struggling with right now, it’s rich ground for pleasure.

Somewhere in the pain hides the keys to your hottest, most tender s*xual experiences to come.

Chat with me and we’ll get started whenever you’re ready.

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