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How do we exchange erotic energy if we’re not having s*x?

Updated: May 3, 2022

Is it still an exchange if there’s no org*sm?

This seems like a tough concept for most guys A lot of guys get confused when they realize that intimacy coaching does not mean having intercourse with me. That's all I need to know about what they're missing and why they're not getting laid. (I say this with love fellas, and I'm here to help.) It's a really common deficit and misunderstanding. Maybe because you're used to being aroused easily and quickly. Maybe because you have instant, constant access to spicy media. Maybe because a typical experience is linear from desire to climax. Maybe because you have become disconnected from deeper energy.

If sex is your only focus, you're never going to get it Sexual energy isn't a bad thing. Desire is wonderful. But is your energy welcoming and alluring or is it grabby, desperate, and entitled? Other people can feel when you're in a cycle of feeling rejected or feeling a lot of scarcity in your sex life. Sexual attention that comes from this kind of energy feels impersonal and transactional. It's OK to be frustrated, I know it's hard to figure this out on your own, but you've gotta clean that up and make a better impression. I want you to be in your juicy erotic flow all the time Erotic energy is life force. It’s joy, it’s art, it is your fullest, biggest, and sometimes softest expression. If you’ve felt my full presence, if you’ve felt penetrated or deeply held by my gaze…maybe felt something warm in your body as we talk and breathe together…we’ve exchanged erotic energy. Holding erotic energy takes practice and skill This is the kind of energy that feels like a cord of connection across the table on a scintillating first date or the sizzling eye lock between old lovers across a crowded room. It does not suck the oxygen out of a room, it creates space for possibility.

Erotic energy is the spark that your date goes home to tell their friends about Teaching you **showing you** how to master this is my whole job and, no, we don't have to have sex for you to learn. I'll show how you to be present with people, how to feel and share the depth of your passion in a welcoming and MAGNETIC way. Are you ready? Check out my programs now and schedule a no-strings intro session to learn more.

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