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Everything I say here about leadership in love….It is also true for sex.

Set aside your perceptions of ‘Top’ and ‘Bottom’ for a moment.

Forget about gender identities and ideas about who gives and who receives.

Because, to be an embodied lover you need to know, harness, and share your own energy.

You need to be able to feel the energy of others and actively claim your role in the dance.

So much of us are passively waiting for someone else to:

🪐make the first move…

🪐show us what we like…

🪐just know what to do…

🪐create the structure and safety we crave…

🪐give us pleasure…

🪐tell us what they like without us ever having to ask…

🪐make s e x happen or validate our sexual identity…

But YOU know that there is more for you.

You know that your appetite and expression is far bigger than what you allow.

You know you could be taking him and driving him wild with pleasure.

You know you could inspire her to open even deeper and release her inhibitions.

But you’re holding back.

Your energy is unfocused, hesitant.

I’ve been there and so have many of my clients.

The perfectionists who want to do everything right, over functioning in their day-to-day….judging themselves….internalizing shame….it shows up in sex too.

Fortunately, the people who work with me tend to have an edge. They’re not just recovering perfectionists, they are wholesome little sluts in hiding. When I see that edge in someone, that’s when I know I’ve met a dream client.

Does this sound like you? Are you a hot and wholesome slut?

My life changing 1:1 and Couples Coaching covers everything from love to sacred slutty sensuality and also includes bonus access to my pleasure workshops.

The people I work with now are not the shrunken, punished versions of themselves they were when we met. They are living their magnetic lives and growing hotter and more confident with every passing moment.

So what are you waiting for?

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