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Can I Heal my Fear of Confrontation?


(Part of my Series of Veronica Answers Questions)

So brave of you to ask such a tender question. Just by asking you’re already starting to shift your energy around this. Congratulations!

Yes, definitely you can heal your fear of confrontation!

I teach a repair process in my Somatic Intimacy Coaching that includes practice to help recondition your nervous system so it’s less scary in the moment.

I also work with the inner child, trauma responses, and triggers that have built a deep groove in our brains.

Acknowledging the real and valid reasons for your fear alongside practice can make a huge difference.

Then you collect little bits of evidence every time that you go out of your comfort zone that you are actually safe and confrontation can be an OK thing! Phew!

It’s one step at a time, being gentle with yourself, and taking small, manageable risks until one day you’re able to take on bigger stuff. Wanna immerse yourself in this experience and start showing ALL THE WAY UP in your relationships? Book a Breakthrough Session now to get started!

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