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Build Your Capacity, Not Your Rule Book When It Comes to Loving And Being Loved

I give great advice, but mostly what I want is for you to have the flexibility and self trust to make connection work for YOU on YOUR terms.

Not every choice you make will make sense to everyone else, but what matters is how YOU feel about your choices and that you can own them with confidence and compassion.

This level of self assuredness is more than just a decision. You need practice feeling it in your body.

Embodied values mean you can hold onto what is important to you even if you feel triggered. You don’t let shame, trauma responses, or social pressure change how you manage your love life.

My journeys are custom to you and are built around expanding your capacity to handle all of the love, tenderness, pleasure, tension, and conflict that comes with connection.

You can do it and I’m here to help in my 3-6 month 1:1 and couples journeys.

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