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Certified Somatic Sex & Relationship Coach


Heal and expand your nervous system

for deep and sustainable intimacy

Interrupt Your Patterns;
Not Your Life....
And Finally Get the
Real Intimacy You Desire

You don't have to attempt endless self-help techniques or burn down your existing relationships to

get the connection you desire.


My clients are recovering perfectionists who are

committed to personal development and they're more than

a little hard on themselves.

But with experiential

somatic coaching that helps to heal

the nervous system and dissolve deep emotional blocks,

they are able to go from....

I'm scared to get close to anyone

I'm too inexperienced

I'm not masculine/feminine enough

I should just meditate and read more books until I'm perfect

I give love all I've got but nobody gives back

I've tried everything, maybe I'm broken training their bodies and minds to feel more easeful, shameless, and magnetic connection in their lives.

Most start to feel more calm, sexy, and free right away, and, after 3-6 months, are approaching relationships with more skill and confidence than they could have ever imagined.

Curious about which program is right for you?
Try a Session and Explore
Programs for 1:1 and Couples

"I've been surprised by how “easy” it feels.

The work is not easy, but the way Veronica facilitates the sessions

is so skillful. I learn so much in such a short amount of time, every time."

-MD, Chicago

"Veronica helped me to understand and overcome a really big trigger so I could stay present in my relationship instead of shutting down and breaking up...Compared

to regular therapy, this is much more directed and purposeful, with a clear goal."

-LM, Portland

Thanks for subscribing!

Thanks for subscribing!

Equally comfortable with science and the spiritual,

I distill complex concepts into

digestible and powerful guidance that anyone

at any experience level can understand

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There are no stuffy lessons for you to process in my sessions. I’m blending all that I know about intimacy into something you can actually use right now.


You will come away from every session energized, more comfortable in your body, and with actionable feedback.

Hi, I'm Veronica

OK, but what do we talk about in a session
or cover in a video workshop?

Here are the core themes of my work....

Erotic Mastery

Do you know what you and your partners desire? If not, do you know how to find out?

There is so much pressure to perform with sex but many of us were kept in the dark and raised to feel shame about it. 

Confidence to explore your sexuality is about more than a mindset.

I can teach you skills and language that will help you navigate any sexual or romantic encounter and feel like a master of your own erotic journey.

Embodied Pleasure

You're not as comfortable in your body as you'd like to be or you're ready to go even deeper with your pleasure.


You stress about the way you look or you're struggling to fully surrender into sensuality. It's more than our thinking minds can 'fix'.

Unprocessed trauma, grief, anger, guilt, cultural expectations, and resentment live in our tissues...our blood...our bones.

Somatic Intimacy Coaching helps you to regulate and rewire your nervous system to hold more excitement, more pleasure, and more love.


Leadership In Love

You feel stuck, trapped even. You're trying everything to connect. Or, you find yourself making the same mistakes (or having the same fights) over and over again.

You're exhausted, overthinking, bitter, frustrated, and leaking energy. 

You feel powerless. But that is not your truth. With the right help, you can be MAGNETIC and more empowered in relationships.

As you learn about your emotional needs you also become a stronger partner and can show love and resolve conflict with more ease.

Ready to Learn More? Try a Session and Explore
Programs for 1:1 and Couples

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